“D is for Daddy Disco Dancing with the Dog” Preview Page from Tatiana’s ABC Book – On sale now at AuthorHouse.com!


Do you like Apples and Avocado? How about Playing with Puppies in Pink Polkadots? What about Happy Hippos with the Hiccups? Do you enjoy reading, learning and growing… well then this is the ABC Book for you.

Join Tatiana on her ABC Adventure!

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Written by EviKreative

EviKreative [ee-vik-ree-ey-tiv] : Creative with a capital K. Why K? Why not? EviKreative is not only creative, it’s different, interesting, and misspelled, but clever and most definitely innovative and fun! K is Kool! Like Koalas, Karate, Sand Kastles and Kangaroos! The term 'EviK' above all else, represents an uninhibited ambition...
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