It was a bright an sunny day in Nakiowa, Zambia and First scanned the village below from high up on a shaded ridge, not unlike the cliff from which she watched her father plummet to his death some 400 years before. The haunting memory slowly faded as she scanned the village for her target, the human shell of Waconza Septuo Niaga.

First breathed in the warm summer air which smelled of sweet Kudu Lily, a glossy green, succulent shrub with a swollen stem and trailing branches armed with spines. At her feet was a patch of mauve colored, trumpet-shaped Devils Thorn, small annual herbs with trailing stems. She knew these plants well and they brought back memories of laying in wait in the fields near a local wildebeest watering hole. Suddenly caught on the breeze from the village was the aroma of fresh Maandazi, sweet tasting fried dough with a pleasant chewy texture, and steamed green banana Matoke, drifting up from the market and warming more cold memories from her life.

She strained to catch the faint glimmer of light from amongst the small structures of the village and the slight outline of the symbol that matched the one emblazoned on each the hilts of the seven sheathed fate blades that lay calmly gripped to her left arm and right thigh.

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Written by EviKreative

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