Shaking her head, First set that aside for the moment and turning to a shaded corner with racks of tools and containers that smelled of flux and silica sand, she checked the illuminated markings that arose from her palm. She could see that the Path had grown very short although she had not noticed the time that had passed.

This part of her malediction was often the most difficult for her to bear, as time itself seemed to slow to a crawl while she waited for the end of the Path and the final moments of reaping were at hand.  While most shells would prattle on about their menial lives, she would simply take in the environment and how her targets actions would affect it. It was very rare that she took much from their banter that affected her in any way, for she had quite literally heard it all before.  The places, people, colours and smells constantly changed and evolved, but humans for the most part could be summed up in one word: self. They were their own sole priority and the centre around which everything else in their short existence revolved.

This shell, however, seemed different somehow for he seemed to pour his entire focus into what he was creating, and from the small facial changes, his breathing and dilation of his pupils, she could tell that he took great joy in creating something with his hands and that in his work he was fulfilled. Not a flicker of narcissism, vanity or self-interest dared interrupt the field of his happiness, with the exception of the occasional slight grin of pride in his skill which was impressive indeed, and at the thought of the joy it would bring those with whom he shared his gifts. First hadn’t created a single thing since her death that she was proud of, or that had brought her any happiness at all. She had created only a million brief moments of fear, and then years more of sorrow that she dared not to think on for long, and for what?; Another sunset?; The feel of warm earth under her feet and the cool wind on her face?; She would never again share anything with anyone that was true, only lies and disguise and then fading moments and dimming light.

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Written by EviKreative

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