First was originally born Eshe Saida Nyaga, approximately 10 years Before the Common Era (BCE), over 2,020 years ago. Daughter of Agben Nyaga (father) and Rehema Nyaga (mother), Eshe was born a citizen of a small village called Nakiowa located in South-East corner of what is now South Luangwa, in the country of Zambia in East Africa.  The country is bordered by Tanzania, Malawi, and Mozambique, Zibabwae to the South and Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the North. The country’s eastern borders lie on the Indian Ocean and it is one of the oldest known inhabited areas on Earth, populated by hunter-gatherer communities, of a Bantu / Chewa-nyanya (modern-day Swahili) speaking people.

Zambia, East Africa

Zambia, East Africa

It is well known that hunter-gatherers and migrating tribes have inhabited the Luangwa-region for thousands of years, and Eshe’s father Agben, a local guide, was himself a fearless, highly skilled and prominent hunter. Having always wanted a son, Agben raised his only daughter as he would have a boy, much to the dismay of her mother, Rehema.  While most young girls of the Zambia culture at the time were raised with the sole pursuit of raising a family and supporting the home, Eshe was raised from a young age to survive life on the harsh Luangwa plain, and trained to be an exceptional hunter of the considerable Zambia wildlife; which included lions, leopards, side-striped jackal, sable antelope, black rhinoceros, african elephants, white-bearded wildebeest, and other bovids that participate in a large-scale annual migration. Agben imparted all of his skills and experience to Eshe, who’s natural flexibility, precision and agility allowed the young girl to quickly surpass other male hunters of twice her age, size and experience.

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