EviKreative Logo-Design

EviKreative Logo-Design Poster.

EviKreative Illustration

EviKreative Illustration Poster.

Tatiana’s ABC Book

Get your copy of Tatiana’s ABC Book Today! Visit http://tatianasabcbook.com/ for full details.

Procurement Maze Graphic

‘Procurement Maze‘ advertising graphic designed and vector illustrated for RFP Solutions.

INAC NCSP RFP Atlas Graphic

Concept, design and illustration of all icons, graphics and associated layout of a Northern Contaminated Sites Map developed for Indian and Northern Affairs Canada © 2008.

Crockett Leather Armour Tattoo Design

Leather version of the Shoulder Armour Tattoo with added trap-strap, Lion head, and Celtic knot designs for Mike Crockett.      

RFP Solutions Pamphlet

Marketing strategy and associated tri-fold pamphlet designed and produced for RFP Solutions Inc.

Arctic Wildlife Banner & CLCA Banner

Arctic Wildlife CLCA Logo and Banner Art – Vector Illustration for AANDC.

File Transfer Ninja – Unlimi-Tech Software – Graphic Design

File Transfer Ninja – Character and T-shirt Graphics Design & Vector Illustration for Unlimi-Tech Software (Recipient of the 66th Annual Technology and Engineering Emmy® Award) © 2015 FileCatalyst.com

FileTransfer.Ninja – Animation and Design

Flash Animation designed and developed by EviKreative for the Emmy award winning FileCatalyst promoting their new domain: http://FileTransfer.Ninja  

FileCatalyst – Ad Design

Marketing Strategy and Ad Design for the Emmy award winning FileCatalyst, exhibiting at NAB stand SL8505 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, in Las Vegas, from April 13 – 16. Register for NAB.

  • Chameki – Wordmark

    Chameki – Wordmark Illustration – 2012 © Chameki. Visit: [http://chameki.com/]

  • Percival Wedding Stationary

    [wzslider] Wedding Stationary – Design / Illustration / Layout – for Chris and Sarah Percival.        

  • SJRCC Certificate Layouts

    Performance Recognition Certificates – Design / Illustration / Layouts for Saint John Regional Correctional Centre (SJRCC) and Public Safety – New Brunswick.

  • PS – NB Logo Vector

    Public Safety – New Brunswick Logo Vector Illustration.

  • Site-Map

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  • NFLD Rock

    The Rock – Jersey Logo Graphic Design / Illustration

  • Ottawa Valley Falcons – Logo

    Vector- illustrated logo design for the Ottawa Valley Falcons  – sledge hockey team.

  • F1RST : Chapter 2 : Second Death :

    It was a bright an sunny day in Nakiowa, Zambia and First scanned the village below from high up on a shaded ridge, not unlike the cliff from which she watched her father plummet to his death some 400 years before. The haunting memory slowly faded as she scanned the village for her target, the… Read more »

  • F1RST : Chapter 2 : Second Death :

    Shaking her head, First set that aside for the moment and turning to a shaded corner with racks of tools and containers that smelled of flux and silica sand, she checked the illuminated markings that arose from her palm. She could see that the Path had grown very short although she had not noticed the time… Read more »