EviKreative [ee-vik-ree-ey-tiv] : Creative with a capital K.

Why K? Why not? EviKreative is not only creative, it’s different, interesting, and misspelled, but clever and most definitely innovative and fun!

K is Kool! Like Koalas, Karate, Ketchup and Kangaroos! The term ‘EviK’ above all else, represents an uninhibited ambition and passion to live life fuelled by creativity.

Kreative, effeKtive, ethiKal, and professional service is the foundation for EviKreative.

EviKreative is a creative firm that looks to break the confines of design and move freely into all the mediums that creativity flows. From illustration, to design, to creative writing, murals, self-expression, marketing and promotion of the creative inspirations that are born everyday, in print, online, and in the air in between.

EviKreative is an engine that runs on passion and produces creativity; an engine that takes thoughts and dreams and makes them reality.

Find out how EviKreative can for you work for you. Email: info@evikreative.com.


Marketing, Graphic Design, Illustration, Creative Writing, Promotions, Web Development